15 Best Watches Under $100 of 2020

15 Best Watches Under $100 (2020) | Great Affordable Men's Watches

Today we're talking about 15 Best Watches Under $100. I get it, you want a nice watch, but you don't wanna spend a lot of money or maybe you can't spend a lot of money right now. The good news is, there are a ton of best watches under 100 $.

  • And I'm not talking about fashion watches or luxury counterfeits. I'm talking about well-made timepieces from respectable brands All of the Best Watches Under 100 $ on today's list look great, and they're gonna keep on ticking for a long time so we're gonna talk about 15 best watches under $100.Rather than organizing these by price or brand, we're gonna do it by style.

Seiko SNK:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • This is a casual or field watch. It's 37 millimeters in diameter.

  • It's got an automatic mechanical movement, and it's just $89. The SNK809 is possibly the best affordable automatic watch on the market right now, especially if you like the kind of field watch aesthetic.

  • It looks great on any strap, its stock strap, leather, nato, canvas, really whatever you want. The 809 version is black but this is also available in red and blue, cream, and olive green.

  • It's an excellent choice for your first watch, or if you're giving a watch as a gift to somebody else. If you want more details about this watch, check out This.

Timex Weekender Chrono:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • Timex Weekender Chrono, This is a 40-millimeter watch.

  • It's got a quartz battery-powered movement, and it's priced at just $49. A chronograph is like an analog stopwatch. And the Timex Weekender Chrono might just be the best affordable chronograph on the market right now.

  • It's 40-millimeter size, silver hardware and date window make it very wearable and very practical for the vast majority of men. This watch comes with a variety of dial and strap combinations.

  • And remember, you can always swap out that strap for something else.

Bertucci A-1R Field Comfort:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • Bertucci A-1R Field Comfort, This is a 36-millimeter watch, quartz-powered, and it costs just $55.

  • If you really like the field watch aesthetic, but you don't wanna spend a ton of money, I think that you should check out a Bertucci. It's a brand that specializes in field watches. Built for comfort, the A-1R is a lightweight 36-millimeter watch, so it will just disappear on your wrist.

  • It's small but packed with features. It's got a reinforced polycarbonate case a smooth Comfort-Webb band, and Swiss Super Luminance hands and markers.

Seiko SNE093 Solar Watch:

15 Best Watches Under $100 (2020)

  • This is another 37-millimeter watch. It's also quartz-powered and it's priced at just $99. Just under our $100 price point.

  • As with a lot of Seiko watches, you're getting a ton of value here for the price. This 37-millimeter watch is extremely practical. It's gonna go with pretty much any outfit, no matter how casual or formal. And since it's a solar-powered quartz movement, it's as low maintenance as a watch can be.

  • It's another excellent choice for someone's first watch or for a gift.

Casio MDV106 Dive Watch:

15 Best Watches Under $100 (2020)

  • This is a 44-millimeter watch. It's a quartz watch and it's priced at just $45.

  • There's a reason this Casio Dive Watch has 4 1/2 out of five stars with over 5,000 reviews on Amazon.

  • It might be the best dive watch under $50 that you can find right now. Like so many divers, this one is modeled after the Rolex Submariner, so it has that look.

  • It also might remind you of something like the Seiko SKX007, but it's a fraction of the price. With 200 meters of water resistance, you can definitely take this swimming, you can take it underwater snorkeling, even some light diving.

  • Although I wouldn't take it on any extreme scuba diving expeditions. Keep in mind, it's a big watch at 44 millimeters, so it's not a great choice for guys with smaller wrists.

Orient TriStar Automatic:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • Next up, we have the Orient TriStar Automatic. This is a 39-millimeter watch. It's got an automatic movement and it's priced at just $80.

  • This is an affordable, stunning automatic watch from a Japanese watchmaker, Orient. And in my opinion, the TriStar or the 3 Star is super underrated. You just don't see it very often.

  • The dial is 39 millimeters, it's 11 millimeters thick, so it's very wearable for almost anybody.

  • It's a stainless steel watch powered by an in-house Japanese automatic movement, so it's gonna be very accurate and very reliable.

  • If you don't like the black dial, there's a bunch of different dial colors, and you can always swap out that strap for something else.

Orient Bambino V2:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • This is a dress watch. It's 40 1/2 millimeters diameter. It's an automatic movement priced at $99.

  • The Orient Bambino might be the most beloved entry-level dress watch among watch enthusiasts and for good reason.

  • With a universally pleasing 40 millimeter case, a domed crystal, dauphine hands, sunburst dial, and that Japanese automatic movement made in-house, there's a lot to like about the Bambino. And when it's on sale, you can find it for right around $100.

  • That's an absolute steal. If this watch was made in Switzerland, it would be five times as much.

  • So if you like the dressy aesthetic, if you're business casual or even wearing a suit for a lot of the days of the week, I think that the Orient Bambino is a great choice for a daily-wear watch for you.

Orient Capital V2:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • So this is also a dressy watch. It's a little bigger at 43 millimeters.

  • It's got a quartz movement and it's just $85. So this is a less popular, and a slightly more affordable watch from Orient.

  • This one has a quartz movement or battery-powered, so that allows it to be a thinner watch at just eight millimeters.

  • So it's gonna slide under the cuff of any dress shirt very easily. Like the Bambino, this one has a day-date complication, so you can see what day of the week it is and what day of the month it is.

Bulova 96B104:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • This is a minimal dress watch, it's just 37 millimeters, so it's a more classically dressy size. It's got a quartz movement and incomes in at $95.

  • So this watch is manufactured by Citizen owned Bulova, a company that was founded almost 150 years ago, which is pretty crazy.

  • And this is a very understated dress watch, it's an absolute classic. It's complicated only by a small date window at three o'clock. This watch is relatively small at 37 millimeters, at least by today's standards and it's ultra-thin, so it's gonna disappear on your wrist.

Swatch Once Again:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • Swatch Once Again. This is a casual minimal watch, 33 millimeters, so very small by today's standards, almost a women's or unisex size.

  • It's a quartz movement and it's just $38.

  • This watch is instantly recognizable, it's a classic Swatch. It's easy to wear, it's easy to read.  It's perfect for anybody with smaller wrists.

  • If your wrists are six inches or smaller in diameter, I think this is a great choice for you. If you love the way this watch looks.

  • But you want something a little bigger, a little more contemporary, check out the Swatch Twice Again, which comes in at 41 millimeters.

Casio MQ24 Resin Watch:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • This one is 35 millimeters so it's still small but a little bit bigger than the Swatch.

  • Once again, it's also a quartz watch. And this one is just $12.

  • It's available in black, white, or cream for a whopping $12 on Amazon.

  • This is a classic Casio. It's kind of the analog version of the F91W. I personally think the 35-millimeter size just adds to its retro charm. And I encourage you not to be afraid to wear a smaller watch, even if you have average or bigger wrists.

  • Remember, Muhammad Ali wore a Cartier Tank. This watch is also just eight millimeters thick, so it's gonna sit very close to your wrist, which is kinda nice in my opinion.

Timex Fairfield:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • So this is a minimal watch, it's actually available in a 41-millimeter size or a 37-millimeter size, so something for anybody.

  • It's a quartz watch and it's priced at just $46. Available with a wide variety of straps, the Timex Fairfield is probably the best Daniel Wellington alternative that you can find right now.

  • It has the same clean lines and simple minimalist design aesthetic as Daniel Wellington, but it's from Timex, a brand that's been making watches for a long long time since 1854 actually. And it's actually more affordable than a Daniel Wellington.

Casio F-91W:

15 Best Watches Under $100

  • This is a 33-millimeter angular watch, so it's more of a square shape. It's battery-powered and it's just $11.

  • This small lightweight digital sports watch from Casio is arguably the ultimate affordable watch.

  • For under $15, it might be the best deal in watches right now and it has been for a long time. At just 33 millimeters.

  • it is very small by today's standards. It's also very light and very thin, so it will vanish on your wrist, it's almost like wearing a bracelet. But it's chock-full of features.

  • It's got a nightlight, a stopwatch, an alarm, a calendar, a date display, and water resistance. It's a true beater for the price.

Casio World Timer:

15 Best Watches Under $100
Casio World Timer

  • It's a 39 1/2 millimeter watch, battery-powered obviously, and it's 20 bucks. So this is another throwback.

  • This is an absolute classic. It's a must-have for anybody who collects digital watches.

  • Again, chock-full of features. It's got daily alarms, timer, a stopwatch, a world time indicator, obviously, hence the name, and a backlight for nighttime visibility. With a 39 1/2 millimeter case, it's not as big as something like the G-Shock, but it is way bigger than the F-91W.

Casio G-Shock 5600BB:

15 Best Watches Under $100

Casio G-Shock 5600BB

  • A much bigger watch at 48 1/2 millimeters. This is also battery-powered and it comes in at just $40.

  • This is a large watch at almost 49 millimeters, so it's not a great choice for guys with very thin wrists, but it's a classic nonetheless.

  • There's a reason that G-Shocks are worn by law enforcement and military personnel and extreme athletes, they are bullet-proof. I mean, they can really take a beating, and pretty much withstand anything you throw at them.

  • It's got shock-resistance, 200 meters water resistance, it's got a backlight. You can take this almost anywhere, except for a black-tie gala.

  • if you love the G-Shock, but you just can't wear something that big, check out the Baby-G line.

And that's it.
Those are 15 best watches under 100 $ or less, and they're all from respectable brands, they're designed nicely. So remember, you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great watch.
Thank you as always.

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