Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition Review

Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition Review, 7.5 auto 4 motion 2020

We’ve seen the Wolfsburg Edition [purple car in b-roll flashes past], we’ve seen the suitably named Special Edition [another drive by]. Now, Volkswagen is getting very literal with this – the Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition Review. As the name suggests, this is a send-off of sorts for Mark 7.5 Golf R.

The Golf R is about to be updated. But before the current model’s retirement, Volkswagen has pulled together a colorful send-off.

Let’s take a closer look. The current generation of Golf R first emerged in 2013 and was updated last in Mark 7.5 trim in 2017. This Final Edition is a send-off model before the Golf 8’s expected touch down in early 2021. 

Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition Review

Based on the regular Golf R, it adds 19-inch black alloy wheels, gloss black mirrors, Nappa leather-appointed upholstery and a premium audio system. Pricing is up $2500 on the donor car and the Final Edition is limited to just 450 vehicles – 150 of those in these three optional colors. 

The internals underneath is all carry-over, and that’s no bad thing. All-wheel-drive, a punchy 2.0-liter turbo-petrol engine and really nicely honed dynamics. It might be a few years old now, but the Golfer’s 4.8 second 0-100 time is as relevant as ever. Officially the engine makes 213kW and 380Nm  and is mated standard to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. 

Sadly, the six-speed manual has been consigned to history. There’s a signature hesitation from the engine and dual-clutch gearbox at low speeds, but beyond that, the 2.0-liter generates tractable, seamless power across the dial. 

Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition Review
Volkswagen Golf R Final Edition 

There is an inherent front-drive feel to the Golf R but it is a truly surefooted and engaging machine with nicely weighted controls. I just wish Volkswagen hadn’t turned down the volume on the exhaust. Push a bit harder on the circuit and there is a surprising degree of playfulness with the Golf, aided by its slick electronics.

Power down is impressively strong, and it controls its 1450kg mass remarkably well. The Golf R is hardly out of its depth on the circuit, but for me, the open road has always been where it really shines. The handling balance between comfort and performance is spot on, with decent noise insulation and perfect gearing for longer journeys. 

Those traits are complemented by a five-seat cabin with considered incidental storage, plus a 343-liter boot. Forget fancy colors or trims, it’s the foundations of the Final Edition that make it so appealing. It has aged remarkably well, and inside it, it even appears fresh with digital displays and premium materials. 

It makes the Final Edition a fitting farewell to the Golf 7.5 range, and equally, it gets you excited for what’s in store for the Golf Mark 8.

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