Apple (Smart) vs Rolex (Classic) Watch, Made for man's

  Rolex vs Apple Watch Style battle beatdown

Quick question. Who makes a better watch, Apple vs Rolex?

Rolex (Classic) vs. Apple (Smart) Watch
Rolex (Classic) vs. Apple (Smart) Watch

Now, for watch experts, the answer may be obvious. Come on, Rolex, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the history. Over a million of these sold just last year. But, the answer may not be so obvious. The Apple watch here, over 30 million sold last year making it the best-selling watch in the world by far. So, based on the numbers, this seems to be the watch that everyone's going for.
Apple vs Rolex

Round 1:Price

So, if you're going to buy a Rolex, you need to start with a budget of about $5,000. Now, the Oyster Perpetual in 39mm, beautiful watch, you can get it for about $5,700. 

But, if you're going to spend a little bit more, maybe like just over $7,000you can get yourself an Explorer. 

For me, this was an iconic watch. As soon as I saw it on my wrist, I absolutely loved it. But, this was my entry point my steel Rolex watch that I absolutely loved and to this day still wear. 

Now, if you're willing to spend a bit more and you want to get the iconic style that everyone thinks of when it comes to Rolex, the Submariner, you're going to need to spend at least $10,000. This one here with no date runs for about $10,000. If you were to spend a little bit more, maybe $12,000, you can get the Submariner with the date. 

Maybe you want something a little bit dressier with precious metal, Datejust right here with the blue dial, we've got the white gold jubilee bracelet. Guys, if you've got the money, Rolex can help you spend it. Yes, just go look at the Daytona, go look at the Air-King, look at all the other options out there. 

If you want diamonds on the watch, you want it tricked out, they've got you covered. But, seriously, do you need to spend that type of money to get a good watch? Most people are going to say, no, they'd rather spend a bit less. Most people simply want a good deal when it comes to their watch. 

So, right now, for the 40mm version of the Apple watch, $400 and it's yours. If you want to size up to 44mm, guess what? $430 dollars. Add $100 if you want cellular capability.

 Not fancy enough for you, you want something tougher? They've got a stainless steel version for $700. So, when it comes down to price, who's got the advantage? Easily round 1 goes to the Apple watch.

Round 2:Watch Features

So, when it comes to features, Rolex is no slouch, and that's because of its history. If you understand that this company started off and made a name for itself as one of the first water-resistant watches. It was all about having a watch that could function in tough situations. 

The beautiful thing about the Rolex Submariner is that this is a fully functional dive watch down to 300 meters, 1000 feet, it's got triple protection I think on the gaskets. When it comes to the crown, it has loomed, it has a unidirectional bezel. 

And, overall, this is one that as long as you keep in motion, it is going to stay wound and it's very accurate we're talking in one day maybe you're going to be off plus or minus one to two seconds. 

Rolex (Classic) vs. Apple (Smart) Watch
Rolex  vs. Apple Watch

If you want more functions from you're watching you want the day, you want the date, you want to be able to tell world time, you want a chronometer, you actually want a gas release valve on your dive watch. 

They've got you covered with all the different styles and different types of watches out there. Depending on the movement, really, the functions they can expand out quite a bit. How does all that compare to the Apple watch? Well, the Apple watch is definitely not going to be a diving companion. 

Although it can be water-resistant, it is something that I probably wouldn't recommend doing more than just swimming with the latest versions. That being said, all the other functions, this thing can do it; day, date, world time, stopwatch, text messages, phone call, full-on calendar, Uber, email, audiobooks, music. I can access my photos. 

Guys, the opportunities here there's just tons of different apps, it really depends on what you want, what you want to grab off of their store. So, although the Rolex has some distinct advantages when it comes to water resistance and not needing a charge every 18 hours, I've got to give this one to the Apple watch.

Really, all the capabilities all the different apps that can go with this thing, it really is just an amazing device. 

Round 3:Availability and Customization

So,if you want to buy this Rolex at the price that authorized dealers should be selling them at, good luck. Why? Anyone knows who has looked out there for a steel Rolex, good luck. 

It just seems like you can't find any and unless you've got a special relationship with the dealer, you're not going to get it because he's going to give that to his best customers. So, for a lot of people, they've got to go to second-hand markets. 

They have to go to the gray market. And even when they go there, oftentimes they're paying even more than what somebody who got this from the authorized dealer actually paid. 

Now, what about customization from something as simple as an engraving to maybe something a little bit more complicated like actually having the entire case retooled or getting a replacement strap? A lot of people actually find this difficult - - finding actually a place that's going to go in and feel comfortable working on a Rolex.

Of course, there are many options out there, but they're going to tell you that if you get a lot of work done on a watch like this, once you start to customize a Rolex, the value of it can go down significantly. So, the availability of the Apple watch is not an issue. Like I said, they made over 30 million of these things. 

So, the overall process of getting the watch is simple is easy and there's really not much of a markup even if you buy from a secondhand. In fact, many options out there if you're buying -- willing to buy used, you can actually save quite a bit of money. And when it comes to customization, they make this really easy. 

You can simply remove the strap by pressing a button in the back the ability to easily customize at an affordable price makes the Apple watch very attractive. So, this round, availability and customization, I've got to give it to the Apple watch. Now, gents, I know you've got an opinion and I know I said something that triggered some of you guys. 

So, let me know down in the comments which are more stylish, the Rolex, or the Apple watch? I want to hear from you guys which of these watches is going to get your vote. And which one's going to win the style battle? Find out, guys, we are not through, let's continue the fight. 

Round 4:Status

So, as a status symbol, the Apple Watch still has clout. I know a lot of them sold, but here's the thing. 

If you're in your 60s, this is a quick reminder to those young people around you that you're working at your firm, that you understand the basics of technology that you haven't been left behind, and you are actually up on these things. 

So, I do think the Apple watch for some guys actually is a great way to quickly signal, hey, I understand tech and, now, let's get down to business. That being said, when it comes to status, no watch screams it as much as Rolex does. 

Now, if you're a watch collector, you know there's a lot of other watches out that are a lot more expensive and don't scream in your face this is Rolex. But, Rolex has spent a lot of money and a lot of time building up brand recognition. 

One of the best stories I've heard about this is a guy that actually received a Rolex as a gift from his company and they told him, “Hey if you ever get lost anywhere in the world, this is going to be your ticket home.

Rolex (Classic) vs. Apple (Smart) Watch

This watch right here is easily one of the most recognizable status symbols in the world.”So, when it comes to status, Rolex easily wins this round. 

And, now, they're on the board. Next up, timelessness. Which one of these watches is going to maintain its value? Which one of these watches in ten years would you rather have? So, in ten years, I think that if I took very good care of this watch, it would still be functional. 

It would still work. Maybe it would need a replacement battery, but overall, this watch would continue to work in ten years. But, is it going to be as valuable? The answer is a resounding, no. In fact, we can see that with series 3. 

When the series 4 came out, all of a sudden the price dropped significantly. When the series 5 came out, this watch right here the series 3, the price fell to half of what it was. And, really when it comes down to it, people are always looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to this type of technology. 

This is going to continue to drop in value over time. The Rolex on the other hand is continuing to go up in value. So, in 10 years, if I took the great condition of this watch if I were to pack it away, this would be more valuable most likely than it is today, and that is a pretty good investment. 

So, when it comes to maintaining value, clearly Rolex is the winner of this round.

Now, let's talk about style

I think that Apple has done a commendable job when it comes to the design and this is what they're known for because this is why people pay the premium. We know it's not because of technology. 

You Android guys, I know, you’re so smart because you understand the tech better than those of us that carry around iPhones. But, people buy the iPhone because it looks good and the design is simply it's just pleasing. 

So, the same thing with the watch. I see everything here design-wise just looks good with the added accessories. This is a very stylish piece. All that being said, we’re comparing good design with freaking amazing design. 

And, Rolex has had some time, over a hundred and fifteen years, we have seen this watch company devise and improve the design. The Submariner, this is classic. Again, they spent a lot of money and this has appeared this is just an iconic piece. 

When people think of a dive watch, they think of Rolex. It's not the first one, but it is the one that's probably the most iconic in the world bar none. So, when it comes from a style perspective, this sets the bar. It is the piece that other watches look to and you can tell it by all the copies all the references. 

This is in a sense style incarnate when it comes to watches. So, when it comes to style, this round has to go to Rolex. We are tied up, things are getting interesting. So, now, the question is which one is the best deal? And when I'm talking deal, I'm talking you're taking all information into account from technology to timelessness, to style to actually all the customization and the options, the price. 

Gentlemen, I want to hear from you down in the comments which one is the best deal. Which watch do you think is truly going to be the watch that's going to set the tone for The next hundred years? 

Enjoy and take care and thank you, please visit this site for the latest updates
I will see you again Peace out!

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