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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Will Match Apple In Stylus Speed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones are among the most popular and powerful Android devices every year. We are in the tenth generation with the Galaxy Note 20 — remember, Samsung skipped the Galaxy Note 6 and went straight from the Note5 to the Note 7.

Each device has come with a variant of the S-Pen, an included stylus the software in the OS supports. This is no ordinary stylus. Its many functions aim to boost productivity. 

The S-Pen has a cult following on Android. There aren’t a ton of people that use them, but the ones that do love it. Of course, it was being said that Samsung has a lot of new features in store for this neat little stylus for the Galaxy Note 20. 

But we didn't know exactly what those new features are going to be up until now. Our favorite Samsung tipster Ice Universe tweeted this a couple of days ago. Almost everyone who saw the tweet was like... Well, let me explain what that exactly means. You see When we draw or write stuff with the S-Pen, a lot of calculations take place behind the scenes. 

The phone captures the location data and the S-Pen records the pressure and tilt levels. This data is sent to the processors and the processors orders the drawing application to display the strokes on the screen. This process repeats over and over again. Basically, you can call this latency. In simple terms, latency is the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer.

So the 9ms Ice Universe is talking about is the latency of the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 20. Basically a response time. Even though Samsung is the one who popularized the concept of a stylus on phones and tablets but it's Apple who right now has the best response time for a stylus at 9ms.


There's no information on the internet about the latency of Galaxy Note 10's S-Pen. But if I had to guess it's about 16ms. So with the latency of 9ms Samsung will match the Apple pencil in response time and coupled with a 120Hz refresh rate, this is going to make a noticeable difference for the S-Pen users. 

By the way, 9ms of latency is astonishing but there is always room for improvement. As smartphones and computers become more advanced the latency time can reduce even further to 1ms. 

When that happens the stylus latency will be purely instant, like a real pencil where Writing and drawing with the stylus feels as natural as using an actual pencil. Even though this seems impossible, but Microsoft has showcased a demo already how a 1ms input would look like.

Of course, We are not quite at those levels and it would take a few years to reach there, but the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 20 is getting the stylus much closer to that magical 1ms territory. 

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will have different camera setups and therefore the size of the camera module will be different as well. And here we have some pictures of cases of the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra that showcases the difference between the sizes of these camera modules.


The Note 20 Ultra has a similar camera layout as the S20 Ultra while the Note 20's camera module is comparable to the Galaxy S20+. 

In any case, both of these are huge by all means but the layout is less ugly on the Note 20 Ultra compared to the S20 Ultra primarily due to the boxier design of the Note 20. Anyway for all the latest updates on the Galaxy Note 20 please be sure to visit here.

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